The AU5000 atomiser has been developed from over 40 years experience in the design and use of rotary atomisers for agricultural aircraft. The atomiser is precision engineered from proven chemical resistant materials. The Micronair AU5000 atomiser uses a rotating wire gauze cylinder to produce spray droplets. This ensures a narrow, controlled spectrum of droplet sizes. The atomiser is driven by the airflow past the unit by means of three highly efficient fan blades. These are adjustable in pitch, enabling the rotational speed of the atomiser to be varied as required. As the size of the spray droplets is determined by the rotational speed, the atomiser can be set to produce the correct size for a particular application by a simple adjustment of blade angle.

      The AU5000 atomiser has been designed to operate over a wide range of flow rates. The unit is ideally suited for all application techniques from conventional Low Volume (LV) spraying with water based formulations at 10 – 20 litres/hectare to specialised Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spraying at 1 L/ha or less. Chemical flow to each atomiser is regulated by means of a Variable Restrictor Unit (VRU). This provides quick and easy adjustment of output over the entire operating range of the atomiser. The easy and independent adjustment of droplet size and flow rate enable an aircraft equipped with AU5000 atomisers to be calibrated for a wide variety of chemicals and application techniques with a minimum of delay. This contrasts with conventional boom and nozzle systems where it is normally necessary to change all nozzles when a different calibration is required.

      For specialised pest control, public health spraying and similar work requiring continuous operation at high rotational speeds to produce very small droplets, Micronair ( recommend the AU4000 atomiser. The number of AU5000 atomisers installed on an aircraft depends upon the aircraft type, swath width and application rate but 6 – 12 units are normally recommended to ensure an even swath.

 Atomiser AU5000 - aerial spraying